Sunday, March 18, 2012

Where'd all the snakes go?

I did not have any idea that Ireland had no snakes and that the reason of this was because of some meanie running them off. I realize the latter to be untrue but nonetheless, no snakes - who woulda thought. I'm going to recommend to a lot of people moving there.

The reason I bring this up?  St. Patrick's Day! It was epic, completely great getting to have St. Paddy's here;

1. With really real Irish people whoooaaa
2. In a nice beautiful wonderful Irish Pub
3. With an Irish band
4. And good ol' fashioned living it up in the streets! Literally.

There are pictures but they are lost in the abyss of peoples camera's. I officially just let other people take pictures and then steal them later - the good ones of course so as to not foul the memory of this trip.

Not much to say except that I will put up pictures as I gather them. But stealing these from Angelina will do for now. This was earlier in the day. Little did we know that masses of people would be standing in this street later - drunkenly destroying everything in their paths. Good times. OH and "ye".. just had to put that in there to feel a wee bit more Irish. ;)

UPDATE: It has been called to my attention that it wasn't a meanie that drove them out - it was St. Patrick. I was aware of this but I was calling him a meanie because I found it rude of him to drive out the snakes. I mean c'mon we all need a place to live. I'm feeling sympathetic with the snakes in this case. If you don't know the meaning behind St. Patrick's Day then go look it up! This might all make a little more sense.. maybe.



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