Monday, March 5, 2012


I finally got my vertical labret. I can only imagine how many piercings and tattoos I would have if it were more socially acceptable (job-wise).  

It honestly makes me sad that tattoos and piercings upset people some times. The last thing I want to do is upset someone because of my behavior. But I must say that it really hurts my feelings that people can judge so harshly on something that really doesn't matter in the long run. I actually stumbled upon a site that was completely dedicated (made by a church pastor) to equating tattoos to low IQ - stupidity. It just seems so contradicting for a person representing Jesus Christ to do that. To spend that much time hating a group of people. 

It sucks.

But oh well.

Good news! I survived my classes! I had four today and one doesn't start until next week and one was cancelled.. so. :)
My Horror. Permutations of a Genre course seems really interesting because;
1. It's about horror.
2. The professors doesn't like America.
3. The professor doesn't like Christianity.

It's going to be a fun course. 

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