Monday, March 12, 2012

Vienna sausages?

Guess who spent their weekend in Viennaaaaa! It was absolutely the best!

Look at this weird picture I found;

Seriously though.. Vienna was amazing. I got to see my friend Erich who took me on a little tour through the city. And by little I mean I biked on a mans bike for miles and miles. It was completely exhausting. I got to meet some new, interesting people this weekend too. Didn't get many pictures sadly but I did get some of the more attractive things around. 

So many hilarious thoughts come to mind when I see this picture. 

Old Gothic cathedral, climbed up the tower. 

This was the view. 

Did I mention that I am probably not coming back to the US? Sorry guys.. I just love this place too much. <<< But I miss these guys quite a bit. Semi-obsessed with their music at the moment.

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  1. The thought of you physically exerting yourself on a bike for miles and miles kind of cracks me up. I bet they love you there, lol.

    You should go back in the spring and take pictures of those trees. I bet it is beautiful when it is all green!