Friday, March 2, 2012

Electrical outlets are the bane of my existence.

As I previously mentioned.. I destroyed my hair dryer and maybe my voltage converter and hair straightener. SO today I finally bought a new hair straightener and it's great because the plugs is the weirdo European plug (why aren't plug shapes universals?!) and it's also not great because when I get home I will either need a converter for it or it is useless.
Yeah. Weirdo plug.

Guess who had their LAST DAY OF CLASS TODAY! Oh yeahhhh! But on Monday real classes begin and I'm stuck into another college semester that lasts until July. JULY. It seems as if I am from the future (thanks to the time difference, it's earlier in the day in America) but I have come to realize that I get a very short summer when I return. pfft

I got my head shaved today and my ends trimmed. My hair is hella soft.
And I didn't get my lip pierced (which I hadn't told anyone about really) BUT I will on Monday if I deem it worthy. It seems especially expensive to get a piercing here. I'm thinking vertical labret;

But I am afraid that it will scar my beautiful bottom lip.

Not much going on here but I have made a new Australian friend named Miriam is absolutely lovely.

She is the blondie. Angelina, Miriam, Darren, and myself went out the other night and had a a ball! We met with some friends later and I had my first Kebap. I wish I could explain a Kebap to you. It is AMAZING.

It was basically the most delicious thing to ever grace my taste-buds. ABSOLUTELY GLORIOUS! Oh damn you America for your lack of Kebaps! 

I'll mail everyone some. It's my mission in life to have every single human being try one. 

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