Friday, June 29, 2012

beep boop bop I'm gone! (almost)

Remember the days when you were living in a foreign country and then you had an awkward time gap of moving out of your housing and going home - thus nowhere to live. And then your friend was like "Hey yeah stay with me. My roommate moved out and the room is empty and it's just during the time that you need," and you were like, "Holy crap you are an angel!" And then you were hanging out eating Mini Oreos and the landlord showed up and was like "Err are you living here?" And he got sort of weirded out but stayed awesomely cool and was like "Dude just stay here, I'll just write up a mini contract."

Good times.

Yeah. That sums up my day. Which was super exhausting but totally productive.

Yeah so, leaving in 4 days.

SUPER excited to see my family.

Excited for home.

 >> Sad face for how much I will miss the creepers above. <3

Thursday, June 21, 2012

And then depression set in.

Ok I'm not seriously getting depressed or anything but I am having a  major melt-down. Kind of. Maybe like a mini one. I'm just thinking back to all of the things that everyone thinks about when they have to leave study abroad;

1. How the hell did I develop a twitch in my eye?

2. Seriously. A twitch.

3. How am I going to cope with being away from this (this being Klagenfurt).

4. Is all of my crap going to fit back into my suitcases and

5. I'm going to eat so much food and get so fat when I go back home.

Well maybe not everyone is thinking those things but as an American I am seriously afraid of getting fat upon arriving home. I'll just get like super into fitness instead right? errr yeah.

And let's just go back to the fact that I have developed a twitch in my eye. It's small. But it's persistent. I am attributing it to finals and the woes of having to leave my new friends in like 0 days.

And by 0 I mean 12 day. TWELVE EFFING DAYS.

Yerp derp.

And now something happy to make up for my super awesomely pitiful blog!

21 pics of super adorable and awesome stuff. Made me jerk a tear. Don't judge me.

After posting this I feel much better and realize that this is just a small part of the big picture of my life. So I'm not so sad about leaving - just happy to have the memories. Cheesy I know, don't hate. Just be all sappy and embrace it with me.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Anita bonita and other things.

I unintentionally put these pictures here and cannot move them so now you get this blog in reverse order of how I would have preferred it to be. If you scroll past these pictures (which are of my day trip to the Hochosterwitz Castle with Angelina, Lauren, Kara, and Claire. ALL AMERICAN GIRLS btw) - past these pictures into more of the recent stuff.
Like how Anita sent me a package and random pictures of me in a fountain.
We had to walk. A lot. 

Angelina, Claire, Lauren, Kara

Look at that rad castle. Yes we walked to that. 

Kara, the model. 

I def don't look touristy right. 

We climbed that. Ok not really, but we walked through those gates (14 of those bad boys).

Lauren - log enthusiast.

Lauren, Kara, Claire

Creeper picture of Lauren. I imagine she was thinking something pretty deep.

Angelina is unamused.

Yes, it was as gross as it looks. But I had to try the weisswurst (white sausage).

Now on to the even more useless information.

I received the best le package everrrr today. Well all of them have been the best, but you know what I mean. Anita le Savage sent me a package (because she is a doll)! I just want to note that everyone must obviously think I'm a fatty. I have consistently had american cookies over this entire trip. Seriously. There goes the whole 'trying to adopt healthy European eating habits!' ;) 

She sent me the most rad JELLYFISH plugs. 

*closer up

And my new favorite cup and straw. Not that I had a favorite straw before. But how summery is this shiz. 

Now look at my beautiful plugs, LOOK AT THEM. 
Aside from my joy of the package and the fact that I will be in Texas in 15 days (and then on to NY to see my parents).. I'm still in a pretty spastic mood. Continuously worrying about what to take home and what to leave. I'm also having a very reflective time and I haven't even left yet!

I really think that coming here was just a point to hone my domestic skills (I've gotten better at cooking and my cleanliness level might be borderline OCD).

And to .. "find myself" or whatever. I didn't really have a huge metamorphosis. Maybe I have and it's been gradual to me but I will seem different when I come home? I highly doubt it.

The main thing I've gathered at this moment is that my world view was in great need of expansion. Little did I realize how homogeneous I thought the world was. I mean I knew everyone was not the same but I had never experienced it. I had also never before been judged for being American. I mean if you asked me to define myself "American" wouldn't even cross my mind. But now I know that this title holds a lot of weight whether it's positive/negative or true/untrue.

I'm sure things will really start to hit me once I'm on the plane but right now that's as far as I've let myself wander because I'm still in school and trying to maintain some sense of living in the moment.

Random picture time!
A picture from afar of the castle mentioned above. INSANELY GORGEOUS.

Classy as always. 
Another random picture from my sweet as birthday partayyy bro.

Jérémy, herpa derp

A look into my hygiene (in my Serbian hostel)

SUPER HUG. I find it necessary to include pictures of Angelina and I consistently.

I was doing my parkour. 

And Darren didn't enjoy it so much. 

Back to my 'merica roots. 

Awkward forever.


I can't be zen..

but he can.

"Do it. You know you want to."

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

21 Days

I have officially 21 days left here. It's terribly upsetting! I'm already mentally preparing for the culture shock of being back in America while simultaneously trying to tell everyone how much I adore them AND prepare for exams.

1. There is no way I can ready my self for the culture shock and just pure shock of being back home.
2. Instead of going straight home I am changing my flight to land in good ol' New York where my mother and father will be and we are going to PARTAYYYYY with my family from upstate. I'm so excited! And then I guess drive to Washington D.C. and then back to good ol' Oklahoma.
3. I'm eating pineapple straight from the can.
4.I'm also preparing for an exam.
5. I'm obviously not preparing very well.

I studied at McDonald's with Angelina and she took this picture. Yes this is McD's and of course nothing else was open so we were forced here.

Euro 2012 Soccer Logo
And then at some point in my life I went to the city center of Klagenfurt where they had set up a huge TV screen for the masses to watch the UEFA European Football (Soccer to Americans) Championship! I cheered appropriately. 


And enjoyed my self like any good football fan would. The only problem being that my chips were 'illegal' and so were outside drinks. So the chips had to be hidden and the (overpriced) beer had to be bought from vendors.

I've been enjoying myself lately.
I'm wishing that I would have traveled more. Otherwise I have loved this trip with all of my heart and Europe CAN NOT escape my love. It is inevitable that I return in all of my glory.

Eating my "Ananas" :D