Friday, June 8, 2012

Serbia and dinosaurs, among other things..

I was thinking about how when I'm in America again I will have this insane information overload. It will be way too much to understand everyone and everything I see. AH! I'll be with people and go.. "Oh my! They are speaking English!" Which is a big deal when you live in a German speaking country but it's not so big of a deal when you live in an English speaking country. -_-

In other news, I survived my trip to Serbia. It was completely epic to hang out with my friends for an extended period of time like that. :)

There are so many more pictures but that is the end for now. (^_^)

Photo: Argh happy birthday ye to me bestest matey, Captain Morgan! We celebrate in pirate style here in Klagenfurt 
I actually don't feel like telling about the trip right now. It was actually last month and I never updated my blog over it. I just need to get a blog up to motivate myself to put more blogs up that have pictures.

Hey hey guys I'm finally in my 20s! Officially 20 years old to be exact. I don't feel older. I feel like I've looked in about the same age range for awhile now. It was actually a pretty epic experience! My Oklahoma buddy (Angelina) ended up throwing me a semi-surprise partay ohhhh yeah. It was of course pirate themed considering that I AM CAPTAIN MORGAN. Thank you cheap popular rum for giving me a nickname. I got to wear a hat and be blind folded and the whole nine yards. :D

Anyway I am just living my normal day to day life - dreading the end. Did I mention that I leave in less than a month? It has gone way too fast and I'm considering going rogue.
It's to the point. 
I've hit insanity. 

I have also been enjoying my webcam immensely.

And hanging out with my friend Jérémy.
He and blow up dinosaur toys have many of the same qualities. 

 Like blank soulless eyes.


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