Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Meat Train

Funny thing - I just read Clive Barker's "Midnight Meat Train" story and then have to take a train tomorrow. The Midnight Meat Train is a horror story by the way.

I am leaving for Serbia tomorrow for four days with 8 other people! THERE WILL BE SO MANY PICTURES that you will puke. I'm insanely excited because we will all on a little vacation together, a bunch of kool kats for sure, with no real plan.

We are leaving at 5:30am. No effing joke. That means being up early enough to get dressed, make sure I'm entirely packed, catch a cab, and board the train at 5:30am.

Let's see, I went to bed at 6am. A postal service man showed up around 7am. I almost murdered another human being. But he brought a BIRTHDAY BOX from my family. :) I got something but among them was The Bloggess' new book. My crush on her is so strong it might create a worm hole or cure AIDS.

America vs. European

Jenny Lawson is le fantastic sexy lovely woman. Role model of my life.

At first the Euro seemed like monopoly money to me and now seeing an American dollar .. it seems like play money too. MY SENSE OF MONEY IS MESSSSSEDDDD UP.

Anyway, have a good day loveys. I am feeling better also, not that it's too important. But I guess my physical health is some what important. I mean it's not like I had Malaria or something, just a virus thing. yummy

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