Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Most beautiful wake up call.

Someone vandalized my dorm building not too long ago (spilling erotic massage oils on coke machines, break glass things, etc.) and now the residents have to pay for it collectively because the kiddos never stepped forward. AWESOME.

Dear people!
Please excuse the short-term information. Today and tomorrow are all controlled fire in the rooms by the company Elin, we ask your understanding for this safety measure.
As to the one created in the last few weeks, damage and vandalism in the home to this day no one has known of the inhabitants, we are unfortunately forced the cost of cleaning and repairing all residents to be charged on general damages. The amount of the deduction is 20 - € per resident amount and deducted in the next few days about the debit order. Should the perpetrators still want to report it until Friday (04/05/2012) 12.00 clock opportunity to do so. If you have questions I am always happy to help them.

So now we are paying 20 euro for that shiz.
Oh and I had a wonderful wake up call.

I was still asleep around 2pm, yes I know I am lazy, when I heard a knock at my door which woke me up. I then said, "Yes! Coming!" and stood up clothed only in my under garments. If even. Then I hear my door unlock and I think "Oh no someone found my key and is breaking in!" AND THEN I hear German! AND THEN a man walks in my room!

Can you even imagine my distress. 

Anyone who knows me well knows that I am not a morning person. So I literally just flopped back down on the bed and tried to pull the covers on me and started saying, "English! English!"and he just was like "blah blah I'm going to keep speaking German and not care about this situation except laugh," and he sprayed something on my smoke detector and I might have said some obscene things and then ended with "BYE!" and he just responded with, "Bye!" 

Now I have to kill him. That sucks. I'm sure he was a nice young chap but you can't just barge into my room and wake me up in the middle of some awesome sleep. 

I'm kidding of course but c'mon. 

Worst. Wake up. EVER.

Ps. I went downstairs to take my trash out and I ran into this terrible man. AND I ROUND HOUSE KICKED HIM. Ok. That part was fabricated. But it was pretty awkward. 

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