Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Meat Train

Funny thing - I just read Clive Barker's "Midnight Meat Train" story and then have to take a train tomorrow. The Midnight Meat Train is a horror story by the way.

I am leaving for Serbia tomorrow for four days with 8 other people! THERE WILL BE SO MANY PICTURES that you will puke. I'm insanely excited because we will all on a little vacation together, a bunch of kool kats for sure, with no real plan.

We are leaving at 5:30am. No effing joke. That means being up early enough to get dressed, make sure I'm entirely packed, catch a cab, and board the train at 5:30am.

Let's see, I went to bed at 6am. A postal service man showed up around 7am. I almost murdered another human being. But he brought a BIRTHDAY BOX from my family. :) I got something but among them was The Bloggess' new book. My crush on her is so strong it might create a worm hole or cure AIDS.

America vs. European

Jenny Lawson is le fantastic sexy lovely woman. Role model of my life.

At first the Euro seemed like monopoly money to me and now seeing an American dollar .. it seems like play money too. MY SENSE OF MONEY IS MESSSSSEDDDD UP.

Anyway, have a good day loveys. I am feeling better also, not that it's too important. But I guess my physical health is some what important. I mean it's not like I had Malaria or something, just a virus thing. yummy

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I think I might be soiling the 'good' American name.

2. Mingle with locals
3. Don't shout USA/be patriotic

I suck at this. 

I really might be soiling the good name of America. I use good lightly here because I know most people have a crap view of American(s). But most seemingly want to visit the good ol' USA. I myself am not a huge USA fanatic. But I mean people are people wherever you go and no one has the perfect Utopian country.


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

And then there was Vanilla yogurt.

Little bit more sick than I thought! Had to get a blood test today and now an ultrasound tomorrow to see if my liver and spleen are swollen? Exciting stuff. I'm already pretty bored of my room. And I don't really have a lot of energy to accomplish much.

AND I AM REALLY FREAKING HOT. I don't know if it's my room or fever. But I'm balls hot.

I am obsessed with that yogurt. Vanilla. Every day. Can't get enough. 

Also, obsessed with this chocolate. Or just chocolate in general.

Angelina left for the week to go camping in the Czech Republic so I'm flying solo this week. 

Missing my family. 

I killed a bee the other day. Felt like a total bad ass.


Monday, May 7, 2012


       Lately I have been sick. One of my lymph nodes swelled up something awful and I was just like “Oh whatever I’ll heal naturally!” And of course it got worse and then the other side swelled up. Now my throat is so swollen I can hardly swallow. That’s always fun. Aside from today and yesterday I have been functioning pretty well actually.  Just a couple of  pictures where I look like a bullfrog.

Anyway, I had a block course that I was SUPER excited about (Social Psychology concerning East Africa) and I skipped it. Angelina and I decided that a 15,000 page paper wasn’t worth it for something that we weren’t sure we were getting credit for. Left at the break and went to the lake where it promptly rained.
J Of course. I was with Angelina, Gemma, and (her visiting friend) Timmy. We decided to go to the Claddagh (my most favorite little Irish pub)! I decided this would be an opportune time to take a trip into the City Arkaden (mall) for some needed items. I got in there and they didn’t have what I needed. I left. I get outside and have to face a torrential down pour, in my shorts and tank top, where there are about 50-60 high school boys standing under awnings as I trek past trying to make it back to my friends. These high school boys were shouting things at me which Angelina has convinced me that they were saying things like, “Poor girl come get out of the rain with us! Don’t worry we are all gay!”

HAHA. Beautiful. I basically told that entire story to tell you what Angelina said because she is hilarious.

              Hmmm. My friends Gemma and Miriam finally had their joint birthday party. It was really a hoot! There was a cup cake war between Darren, the unwilling Miriam, and I.

Hugging the birthday girl! <3

Miriam and I, looking hawt as always!
Wiping cake off of muh face. 

I have issues. 

The other beautiful birthday girl. :)
My girlfriend, obviously.

                Kara, me, Gem, Angelina, Timmy
Miriam, Darren 
       Also, I had dinner with my friend Jérémy at a Mongolian restaurant. A buffet. I ATE SO MUCH. He tried some of the more adventurous things like sea creatures and maybe camel? Good thing I can’t read German. I tried them too! Just sayin

That purple thingy is a meat. 

I just mostly feasted upon glorious Terriyaki chicken. After eating they brought us complimentary shots!

       Europeans and their alcohol man. Mongolian’s and their alcohol? What. I just would freak out if that happened to me in America. Whatever it was – it was undrinkable and warm.. And super strong. BUT it was a nice gesture.

       That’s about it. 


I THINK MY FRIEND JEN FOUND A CHURCH HERE. It’s Protestant and she said that when she went it was painfully evident that she did not know German but that one of the members who speaks English well sat with her and translated the entire service. How amazing is that? That’s love. I’m just beaming! Absolutely in love with the idea of finding a church – even this late in the game.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Most beautiful wake up call.

Someone vandalized my dorm building not too long ago (spilling erotic massage oils on coke machines, break glass things, etc.) and now the residents have to pay for it collectively because the kiddos never stepped forward. AWESOME.

Dear people!
Please excuse the short-term information. Today and tomorrow are all controlled fire in the rooms by the company Elin, we ask your understanding for this safety measure.
As to the one created in the last few weeks, damage and vandalism in the home to this day no one has known of the inhabitants, we are unfortunately forced the cost of cleaning and repairing all residents to be charged on general damages. The amount of the deduction is 20 - € per resident amount and deducted in the next few days about the debit order. Should the perpetrators still want to report it until Friday (04/05/2012) 12.00 clock opportunity to do so. If you have questions I am always happy to help them.

So now we are paying 20 euro for that shiz.
Oh and I had a wonderful wake up call.

I was still asleep around 2pm, yes I know I am lazy, when I heard a knock at my door which woke me up. I then said, "Yes! Coming!" and stood up clothed only in my under garments. If even. Then I hear my door unlock and I think "Oh no someone found my key and is breaking in!" AND THEN I hear German! AND THEN a man walks in my room!

Can you even imagine my distress. 

Anyone who knows me well knows that I am not a morning person. So I literally just flopped back down on the bed and tried to pull the covers on me and started saying, "English! English!"and he just was like "blah blah I'm going to keep speaking German and not care about this situation except laugh," and he sprayed something on my smoke detector and I might have said some obscene things and then ended with "BYE!" and he just responded with, "Bye!" 

Now I have to kill him. That sucks. I'm sure he was a nice young chap but you can't just barge into my room and wake me up in the middle of some awesome sleep. 

I'm kidding of course but c'mon. 

Worst. Wake up. EVER.

Ps. I went downstairs to take my trash out and I ran into this terrible man. AND I ROUND HOUSE KICKED HIM. Ok. That part was fabricated. But it was pretty awkward. 

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Rain, rain, feel free to stay.

I just got back from having a delicious pot luck with some of the other Erasmus/joint-study students for my friend Gemma's birthday. :) So GOOD.

It's absolutely dark and rainy which is lovely. It feels nice and the rain means no bugs coming in through my window. These pesky bugs are becoming quite the problem and so is it being hot. Sleeping in a room that is 80 degrees or so just isn't for me. Especially when a freaking bee that is so big and loud that is wakes me up. I thought it was someone that couldn't work a weed whacker because it would fly (buzzing noise) and then abruptly stop. bleh awful disgusting bug problems. I feel like I am constantly at war with these guys.

There just aren't enough pictures of me and this lady. 
Lately the weather has been gorgeous though.Have I mentioned that I've just stop taking pictures and count on Angelina to chronicle my life. <3

Lunch companions!! Miriam and Clément

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard..
Different day!
Speaking of my most darling Angelina.. the other day in our 20th century American literature course, that is of course in English, my stomach started making the most awful noises. Of course it did this because it was really quiet while two lovely young ladies were presenting over Lesbian/gay/queer Criticism. And absolutely of course Angelina and I started giggling like mad ladies. Now I am pretty sure that everyone thinks we are little lesbos. Because we don't already act lezzy enough in class. sheesh

Oh and last night was the university neon party. Yes I'm serious. In Austria they shut down the university and turn it into a giant club area. With bars, dj's, and food outside. It's kind of terrifying to see that many drunk young people in one place and terribly ironic to me. But of course before we went there was a family portrait taken.
Darren, Ang, myself

Aren't we the cutest! haha. Eventually I will make a blog post of just the pictures that Angelina, Darren, and I have taken together. SO MANY SERIOUS FAMILY PHOTOS. 

Anyway, it's time to immerse myself in some serious Dracula reading. Thank you weather for setting the perfect mood. (Now if chocolate would magically appear that would kick ass.)