Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Rain, rain, feel free to stay.

I just got back from having a delicious pot luck with some of the other Erasmus/joint-study students for my friend Gemma's birthday. :) So GOOD.

It's absolutely dark and rainy which is lovely. It feels nice and the rain means no bugs coming in through my window. These pesky bugs are becoming quite the problem and so is it being hot. Sleeping in a room that is 80 degrees or so just isn't for me. Especially when a freaking bee that is so big and loud that is wakes me up. I thought it was someone that couldn't work a weed whacker because it would fly (buzzing noise) and then abruptly stop. bleh awful disgusting bug problems. I feel like I am constantly at war with these guys.

There just aren't enough pictures of me and this lady. 
Lately the weather has been gorgeous though.Have I mentioned that I've just stop taking pictures and count on Angelina to chronicle my life. <3

Lunch companions!! Miriam and Clément

My milkshake brings all the boys to the yard..
Different day!
Speaking of my most darling Angelina.. the other day in our 20th century American literature course, that is of course in English, my stomach started making the most awful noises. Of course it did this because it was really quiet while two lovely young ladies were presenting over Lesbian/gay/queer Criticism. And absolutely of course Angelina and I started giggling like mad ladies. Now I am pretty sure that everyone thinks we are little lesbos. Because we don't already act lezzy enough in class. sheesh

Oh and last night was the university neon party. Yes I'm serious. In Austria they shut down the university and turn it into a giant club area. With bars, dj's, and food outside. It's kind of terrifying to see that many drunk young people in one place and terribly ironic to me. But of course before we went there was a family portrait taken.
Darren, Ang, myself

Aren't we the cutest! haha. Eventually I will make a blog post of just the pictures that Angelina, Darren, and I have taken together. SO MANY SERIOUS FAMILY PHOTOS. 

Anyway, it's time to immerse myself in some serious Dracula reading. Thank you weather for setting the perfect mood. (Now if chocolate would magically appear that would kick ass.)

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