Sunday, April 29, 2012

I like being non-committal to my blog, keeping it on it's toes.

I always just kind of give up on things in the middle of 'em, like writing in a journal, or drawing something. BUT I AM BACK BABIES.

It is almost 80F here, which in Celsius is like uhhhh.. I have no idea. But you American people understand how shitty that is when I say we don't have AC.
Can't. Live. 

Well I have just been living it up in good ol' Austria! Seeing friends and going to classes and sometimes not going to classes. :) 

This is actually old. It's Darren's door and Gemma had put some pretty funny stuff on his door; about wanting Channing Tatum's babies. Who doesn't? ;)

Before Lais's birthday party (black and white theme)

Family picture at the lake! <3

Shauna, Mari, Angelina, Darren and I. 

Other random pictures;

Me, Thibault, Angelina

I'll start brain storming on ideas for better blog posts.
Keep it real kids. 

Monday, April 16, 2012


 << THE ENEMY, such a ruckusy fellow

Weapon? None. Maybe intense fear and shrieking. So I have this problem where I just really dislike bugs near me ever. In turn this means that my room is a safe haven from the outdoors (I love the outdoors but minus the buggies). Anyway, room = safe haven. My safe haven was infiltrated by the monster you see above because I like keep my window open for fresh air. I looked to my floor one night as I lie in bed and saw a dark figure scuttle across the floor, a cockroach I assume, which struck the fear of God into my heart, but alas! It was but a moth! I was then relieved.. UNTIL IT CHARGED ME. The bastard had the nerve to fly straight for my face as I turned a light on for it to fly towards. Ugh, betrayal. Well after that it disappeared, obviously scared into hiding by my shrieks of terror. And today I found the poor thing. And it's just chilling in my room and I assume dying but it has run of the room by my bathroom right now.

I'm going to attempt picking it up.


With my dustpan.


I've named him Charles.

We've become frenemies in the past hour. I respect Charles, he's swell.

Anyway, here is Olan Rogers talking about his similar fear of moths.

The Soft Landing - Moths

Sunday, April 15, 2012

All good things must come to an end.. especially breaks.

Well kiddos my Easter break is coming to a close and I'm really discouraged because well.. it's over. And now I have to go back to school and interact with all sorts of people. Plus waking up at a set time sounds pretty disgusting.

Anyway let me hit you up with some knowledge about what I did this break! I really don't have many pictures; just a few adorable zoo ones and from a day at the amusement park that I wouldn't mind sharing. :)

I'm sure you are just dying with anticipation right now! haha.

It's just really interesting to me that all of the people here on exchange seem to be putting up the same types of pictures you know. They are standing in front of an impressive structure, eating something nifty, posing in front of a statue. I mean we are all doing the same thing so it is redundant to me. But you have family back home and our families are perhaps looking at these pictures thinking about how unique our experience is.. but it really isn't. Ha. Not to demean the experience! It really has some substance but it's more about the moments that you cannot convey through pictures. Perhaps how you felt in that moment or how you adore the people that you were with or how the food tasted! Seriously, I'm not being a party pooper. :)

 I went to ze Vienna Zoo (Tiergarten Schönbrunn). 

This absolutely killed me, so adorable! That little baby was just napping away. :)

Gorgeous. I love 'em. 

so sreepy

So many sleeping babies! 

nom nom

Entering the traditional Austrian farm area.

Schönbrunn Palace

Insanely terrifying being up all the way to the top but the view was absolutely stunning. 

There isn't too much to say except that I had a great time in Vienna and a great time while I was home in Klagenfurt. Seriously, the people you surround yourself with are what make the experience. 

So all of you peoples around the world should travel.

"The mark of the immature man is that he wants to die nobly for a cause, while the mark of a mature man is that he wants to live humbly for one." - Wilhelm Stekel

I put that there because,
1. That quote is in Catcher in the Rye which I finished reading today for one of my classes.
2. Wilhelm Stekel is an Austrian physician/psychologist - which seems relevant because I'm living in Austria and am majoring in Psychology.


Thursday, April 5, 2012

At least I get to use the toaster..

Angelina has left. (So I get to borrow her toaster!! ughsooohappy) She left this morning for a trip with two very nice people, Mike and Jolyne, and will be back around the 12th but at this point I will be gone myself. We didn't coordinate our trips perfectly on top of each other meaning that I am having a little bit of separation anxiety.

And it is raining, because the sky is crying because Angelina left.
Yes I miss her that much haha.

We had a very strange BBQ the other day; I say strange because only the Americans really knew how to have a BBQ while the Australians were convinced they knew (throw a shrimp on barbie!) .. it was chaos.

But we were a cute bunch.

myself, Gemma, Angelina

Jérémy doing his grill master thing.

And then Angelina and I went to the lake to try and be less white - oh and do some reading for school! 

So then I was the duck whisperer..

The next couple of days for me will be spent in Klagenfurt and  on the 10th I will be going to Vienna. So not exactly the most radical stuff coming up. Especially with rain in the forecast.
I hope everyone is having some good holidays and stuff.