Thursday, April 5, 2012

At least I get to use the toaster..

Angelina has left. (So I get to borrow her toaster!! ughsooohappy) She left this morning for a trip with two very nice people, Mike and Jolyne, and will be back around the 12th but at this point I will be gone myself. We didn't coordinate our trips perfectly on top of each other meaning that I am having a little bit of separation anxiety.

And it is raining, because the sky is crying because Angelina left.
Yes I miss her that much haha.

We had a very strange BBQ the other day; I say strange because only the Americans really knew how to have a BBQ while the Australians were convinced they knew (throw a shrimp on barbie!) .. it was chaos.

But we were a cute bunch.

myself, Gemma, Angelina

Jérémy doing his grill master thing.

And then Angelina and I went to the lake to try and be less white - oh and do some reading for school! 

So then I was the duck whisperer..

The next couple of days for me will be spent in Klagenfurt and  on the 10th I will be going to Vienna. So not exactly the most radical stuff coming up. Especially with rain in the forecast.
I hope everyone is having some good holidays and stuff.

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