Monday, April 2, 2012

Dishes; the bane of my existence.

I am on Easter break yeah and I'm getting to the point that I don't know where the weekend ends and the week begins. If the sun didn't rise and set.. I wouldn't have any sense of time. It's getting really trippy up in hurr.
And I need to get some sense of time because I do in fact have some sort of home work over the break? Homework here is nothing so I am not worried about it.

BUT I am getting better at cleaning and cooking. House wife? I will be the ultimate lady by the end of this
What is wrong with me?
It's not like I was dirty at home but come on.
I will say that I hate doing the dishes. HATE it. Anyone want to come wash my dishes for me? I'll pay you a couple euro.
You think I'm joking.



me, Jess, Alice, Miriam, Darren and Angelina at the bottom
The cool team; I pretty much carried those chumps.
And by that I mean I sucked pretty hard the first game but did decent the next one. 

Claire, Niels, Natalia
Jeremy, Gemma
The opposing team.
Too cool for everyone. 

I am the 3rd 'M.' I was maybe winning at some point. I think we entered the Twilight Zone.

I think it is time to mention how much I miss my church family. And my regular family. I've been creeping on pictures of everyone pretty hard. I am just sending good love vibes to Oklahoma in general. 

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