Monday, April 16, 2012


 << THE ENEMY, such a ruckusy fellow

Weapon? None. Maybe intense fear and shrieking. So I have this problem where I just really dislike bugs near me ever. In turn this means that my room is a safe haven from the outdoors (I love the outdoors but minus the buggies). Anyway, room = safe haven. My safe haven was infiltrated by the monster you see above because I like keep my window open for fresh air. I looked to my floor one night as I lie in bed and saw a dark figure scuttle across the floor, a cockroach I assume, which struck the fear of God into my heart, but alas! It was but a moth! I was then relieved.. UNTIL IT CHARGED ME. The bastard had the nerve to fly straight for my face as I turned a light on for it to fly towards. Ugh, betrayal. Well after that it disappeared, obviously scared into hiding by my shrieks of terror. And today I found the poor thing. And it's just chilling in my room and I assume dying but it has run of the room by my bathroom right now.

I'm going to attempt picking it up.


With my dustpan.


I've named him Charles.

We've become frenemies in the past hour. I respect Charles, he's swell.

Anyway, here is Olan Rogers talking about his similar fear of moths.

The Soft Landing - Moths

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