Sunday, April 29, 2012

I like being non-committal to my blog, keeping it on it's toes.

I always just kind of give up on things in the middle of 'em, like writing in a journal, or drawing something. BUT I AM BACK BABIES.

It is almost 80F here, which in Celsius is like uhhhh.. I have no idea. But you American people understand how shitty that is when I say we don't have AC.
Can't. Live. 

Well I have just been living it up in good ol' Austria! Seeing friends and going to classes and sometimes not going to classes. :) 

This is actually old. It's Darren's door and Gemma had put some pretty funny stuff on his door; about wanting Channing Tatum's babies. Who doesn't? ;)

Before Lais's birthday party (black and white theme)

Family picture at the lake! <3

Shauna, Mari, Angelina, Darren and I. 

Other random pictures;

Me, Thibault, Angelina

I'll start brain storming on ideas for better blog posts.
Keep it real kids. 

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