Monday, May 7, 2012


       Lately I have been sick. One of my lymph nodes swelled up something awful and I was just like “Oh whatever I’ll heal naturally!” And of course it got worse and then the other side swelled up. Now my throat is so swollen I can hardly swallow. That’s always fun. Aside from today and yesterday I have been functioning pretty well actually.  Just a couple of  pictures where I look like a bullfrog.

Anyway, I had a block course that I was SUPER excited about (Social Psychology concerning East Africa) and I skipped it. Angelina and I decided that a 15,000 page paper wasn’t worth it for something that we weren’t sure we were getting credit for. Left at the break and went to the lake where it promptly rained.
J Of course. I was with Angelina, Gemma, and (her visiting friend) Timmy. We decided to go to the Claddagh (my most favorite little Irish pub)! I decided this would be an opportune time to take a trip into the City Arkaden (mall) for some needed items. I got in there and they didn’t have what I needed. I left. I get outside and have to face a torrential down pour, in my shorts and tank top, where there are about 50-60 high school boys standing under awnings as I trek past trying to make it back to my friends. These high school boys were shouting things at me which Angelina has convinced me that they were saying things like, “Poor girl come get out of the rain with us! Don’t worry we are all gay!”

HAHA. Beautiful. I basically told that entire story to tell you what Angelina said because she is hilarious.

              Hmmm. My friends Gemma and Miriam finally had their joint birthday party. It was really a hoot! There was a cup cake war between Darren, the unwilling Miriam, and I.

Hugging the birthday girl! <3

Miriam and I, looking hawt as always!
Wiping cake off of muh face. 

I have issues. 

The other beautiful birthday girl. :)
My girlfriend, obviously.

                Kara, me, Gem, Angelina, Timmy
Miriam, Darren 
       Also, I had dinner with my friend Jérémy at a Mongolian restaurant. A buffet. I ATE SO MUCH. He tried some of the more adventurous things like sea creatures and maybe camel? Good thing I can’t read German. I tried them too! Just sayin

That purple thingy is a meat. 

I just mostly feasted upon glorious Terriyaki chicken. After eating they brought us complimentary shots!

       Europeans and their alcohol man. Mongolian’s and their alcohol? What. I just would freak out if that happened to me in America. Whatever it was – it was undrinkable and warm.. And super strong. BUT it was a nice gesture.

       That’s about it. 


I THINK MY FRIEND JEN FOUND A CHURCH HERE. It’s Protestant and she said that when she went it was painfully evident that she did not know German but that one of the members who speaks English well sat with her and translated the entire service. How amazing is that? That’s love. I’m just beaming! Absolutely in love with the idea of finding a church – even this late in the game.

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