Tuesday, June 12, 2012

21 Days

I have officially 21 days left here. It's terribly upsetting! I'm already mentally preparing for the culture shock of being back in America while simultaneously trying to tell everyone how much I adore them AND prepare for exams.

1. There is no way I can ready my self for the culture shock and just pure shock of being back home.
2. Instead of going straight home I am changing my flight to land in good ol' New York where my mother and father will be and we are going to PARTAYYYYY with my family from upstate. I'm so excited! And then I guess drive to Washington D.C. and then back to good ol' Oklahoma.
3. I'm eating pineapple straight from the can.
4.I'm also preparing for an exam.
5. I'm obviously not preparing very well.

I studied at McDonald's with Angelina and she took this picture. Yes this is McD's and of course nothing else was open so we were forced here.

Euro 2012 Soccer Logo
And then at some point in my life I went to the city center of Klagenfurt where they had set up a huge TV screen for the masses to watch the UEFA European Football (Soccer to Americans) Championship! I cheered appropriately. 


And enjoyed my self like any good football fan would. The only problem being that my chips were 'illegal' and so were outside drinks. So the chips had to be hidden and the (overpriced) beer had to be bought from vendors.

I've been enjoying myself lately.
I'm wishing that I would have traveled more. Otherwise I have loved this trip with all of my heart and Europe CAN NOT escape my love. It is inevitable that I return in all of my glory.

Eating my "Ananas" :D

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