Friday, June 29, 2012

beep boop bop I'm gone! (almost)

Remember the days when you were living in a foreign country and then you had an awkward time gap of moving out of your housing and going home - thus nowhere to live. And then your friend was like "Hey yeah stay with me. My roommate moved out and the room is empty and it's just during the time that you need," and you were like, "Holy crap you are an angel!" And then you were hanging out eating Mini Oreos and the landlord showed up and was like "Err are you living here?" And he got sort of weirded out but stayed awesomely cool and was like "Dude just stay here, I'll just write up a mini contract."

Good times.

Yeah. That sums up my day. Which was super exhausting but totally productive.

Yeah so, leaving in 4 days.

SUPER excited to see my family.

Excited for home.

 >> Sad face for how much I will miss the creepers above. <3

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