Monday, July 2, 2012

Blisters and knock off converse.

The last couple of days I haven't been half of the wreck that I was when I first came to Austria. I guess I am ok going back because;

1. I knew exactly when I was leaving and prepared for it appropriately
2. I get to go see people I previously knew, not going into the unknown

But seriously the tears have been sparse and my excitement level is high!

I had my final Mongolian BBQ dinner with Jérémy the other day before I left for Vienna. It was hard saying goodbye to him because not only is he my favorite person but because it was a final 'hurrah' for leaving Klagenfurt.
That shit was hard, man. 

I did get to go to Freud's house in Vienna today though which has cheered me up of course. (Also, I went swimming in the Danube.) It was interesting seeing pictures of him, his family, the men he worked with, where he lived. Seeing notes he wrote to himself, letters to other people, drawing Slavador Dali sketched of Freud. Really quite the trip.

And I'm actually excited to endure the long flight and everything because I will be feeling like I'm moving again. That I am getting away from this stagnant feeling of just wait to get somewhere else. It's also that time of trying to live in the moment and enjoy what's going on.

Anyway, you probably know what I mean if you've ever had to leave anyone or anything dear. 

Random pictures from my instagram (morgnerd, yes I am the social networking master).

Angelina and Darren; Dar was explaining something about the Euro 2012 game.

A nifty French liqueur I tried that almost killed me. 

My school, hipster I know.

I had heels on, a rest was necessary and I had a good view.

Someone cares about me and I think it's that man above. ^^

Eggs come with egg art in Austria. 

Public pool in Vienna.


My moms favorite nickname for me - besides 'buttcheese.' Yes I am serious. 

Freud's house. YEAYUH

Cocaine, yup.Freud advocated cocaine and then later decided he didn't. 

Watched the Euro 2012 Finale on a roof top.

Anyway, catching my flight to London tomorrow. 12 hour layover. Then to America.
New York,
can't wait to see my family.
yeah yeahhh sappy c:

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