Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Hello posh British accents.

Remember that time that I didn't think I sounded very southern but according to the Londoners I've encountered; yes, yes I do. I'm excited to be back in my country where I can understand everyone (mostly) and people won't think of me differently for being American because they are American to eh.

Anyway, I listened to an American girl complain about not having food to 3 different people over her phone for a length of perhaps two hours. No wonder no one likes us ha. Good times. She complained because when we arrived to Heathrow Airport - by the way I'm at an airport in London for my 12 hour lay over on my way back to Dallas, TX - and all of the shops have closed.
And it's freezing.
Seriously, I'm sitting here with four tee shirts draped over my jean clad lap, a cardigan over my tee, and a scarf. I finally decided that I wasn't going to be able to sleep thanks to the cold so I turned on my lap top which is like a delicious little heater right now! But don't worry - it's 1:34am and the restaurant that looks really delicious and super British traditional is opening up at 6am. So I will stalk it. And then I will gorge myself on food.
And then I will hunt down my terminal (they gather all of the people who stay the night in the airport in Terminal 1 and I need to check in with Terminal 3) and I will sleep. I WILL SLEEP SO HARD ON THAT PLANE.

The first course of my dinner. 

The second course (which was mostly inedible - who buys Chicken flavored chips seriously).


I'm pretty sad because I was thinking I would get to go into town and hang out with my friends who are in London right now (Corina and Angelina) but little did I know that Heathrow is way the hell out in the middle of nowhere apparently. So I opted to stay here.
And now I know that no matter how prepared you are to hang out in the airport for 12 hours, it will be miserable.

On another note I'm freaking excited because;
1. I had a Dr. Pepper
2. I met a cool guy from Texas who looks like if Carlton (from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air) and Stanley (from The Office) had a 50 year old love child.
3. I painted my nails
4. I'm slightly delirious
5. And last but not least I AM GOING HOME

The whole going home thing hasn't set in at all though. Like that I won't be coming back here next week or something..

I'll just get a therapist.

So if I could tell someone who is coming to Austria anything at all I would say, "Hey ho bring some cool snow boots that are water proof and wool socks because it's get fuh-reaking fuh-reezing in Austria."
Yeah, and to bring lots of layers. And remember that summer does come .. eventually so bring a swim suit.
And eat Nutella first. It is your life source.

And I can't wait to finish my chest piece.

And I hope everyone remembers me when I get home. I mean they might be all, "Who is that weird girl in the scarf. She must be European." hahaha or not.

I'm officially cracking myself up. I think it's time to take my contacts out and try to sleep a bit.

Cheers to new adventures.

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