Sunday, July 15, 2012

Enter; the glorious death of an age.

For once my blog title is some what appropriate.

When I got home, officially 100% home, I shed a tear. Sleeping here in my parents house is really the end of my trip.
What a bummer.

But it's okay because I already have my old job back, I get to return to my home church, and I will be living with some good friends for the remainder of the summer.

While I was gone I really met some of the most beautiful and wonderful people of my life.

Like that little light of my life, Jérémy.
I also got to make bonds with people like Angelina and Darren, my family away from family. 


And then of course my one and only favorite Australian, Miriam.

UPDATE: I totally forgot about an epic adventure that I couldn't share while I was still in Austria because it was kind of heinous. It targeted someone in Concordia (my dormitory).

My preciousss...

And this is when I fell in love with Jess and we decided to keep the baby.

My poor neighbor.

Darren was also a part of this and tried to curse us with incense.

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After the plant was returned to its original owner - Darren found it necessary to move the plant yet again to my neighbors door. We were NOT sneaky about this. 

I have been dying to share that with the world.

(Ok now back to the sappy stuff)
And then not too mention the plethora of wonderful, beautiful, party animals that I met;

Above would be my little joint-study/Erasmus babies. The people that helped make my experience good. Give or take a few, like the owner of the Claddagh (an Irish pub in Klagenfurt) Julian or the girl taking this picture, Shauna. And you really have to understand that I can't possibly mention every person that I met and that helped shape my experience. Like my buddies from Vienna and Corina and Mr. Nusser and my teachers.. 

But you can appreciate that people are people every where that you go.

Since I have returned to my home state I've decided that my other travels were frivolous and not part of the experience that was Austria. So I won't talk about them.

Here is everything I hope that you learned this far;
  • You should give homeless people food not money. 
  • The mullet will never be a good hair decision.
  • More people should be foster parents. 
  • Everyone should support a cause(actively).
  • Global warming is real.
  • Tattoos don't mean that a person is tough and you should not equate them with someone being 'trashy.'
  • Moths are evil.
  • Math is evil, too. (Coincidence  in the similar spellings?) 
  • All dogs go to heaven.
  • Everyone should travel, it broadens your perspective. Inevitably.
  • Learn to be tolerant of other cultures, people are people.

    Turtle and I bid you farewell.


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