Sunday, March 25, 2012


I haven't been updating despite the interesting things that have been happens but that is precisely why I haven't been blogging; things have been interesting.

1. My life is full of so much pasta!
2. I finished Frankenstein, which you should read. A copy of it is dirt cheap because it is so old.
3. I went to Venice, Italy this weekend.
4. Anita Savage is really cool and I wish she would of been there with me.

I'll just focus on Italy because it was the most interesting thing.

We (Miriam, Angelina, and I) took a bus, roughly a four hour trip from Klagenfurt to Venice, which was a badass double-decker. Oh la la! We were going to meet Miriam's friend from Australia, Jess.

 I promptly fell asleep and we got there around 2:30pm. We arrive and this is what I see. 

Which is pretty and all but you don't see the bajillion tourists and trash and industrial stuff and blah blah blah. So I become severely under-impressed. And then to add to it.. I am hungry, need to use the restroom, and might be a tad bit cranky from lack of sleep (the night before I was SO SUPER EXCITED, like Christmas Eve excited, that I didn't sleep much). So we proceeded to satisfy our immediate needs. And then we got lost. And couldn't find Miriam's friend. Good times! After many phone calls and confusion we FINALLY found Jess. Well we decided to go to our hostel and drop off our things. We got train tickets, got on the train, we got off at the wrong stop which happened to not be a stop at all. Angelina got stuck in the doors which was horrifying in so many ways! The train doors have no mercy! 

We got to our hostel. Ran around town. Came home home, slept, woke up, went to explore Venice! And now I will tell the rest of the story in pictures. ;)

The view from the hostel. Classy eh. 

Inside of our classy hostel. (Ang, Jess, Miriam)

Other view from the hostel. 

The best part of the whole trip really. 

Outside of the train station. 

Oh you know, super welcoming. 

So we took a water taxi and got prime seats in the back so I was creeping on this nice fellow. 

At this point I was realizing that Italy is really gorgeous. 

Slightly obsessed with Gondola's even though we never went on one. 

oh hi there


My buddies. I might have a weird obsession with pigeons. 

Add caption
So at this point we have taken a water taxi to San Marco. This is the court yard of Doge's Palace which inside had wonderful beautiful architecture and art. Unfortunately no cameras allowed so take my word for it; the place was effing gorgeous.

True Australian love. <3

This is the St. Mark's Basilica Catholic church. It was pretty prime inside. 
 In line for entering the church some middle aged Asian men who definitely spoke very minimal English were extremely interested/frightened of me. And wanted to take pictures with me. This began a very long train of creepy older men being.. creeptastic. If there is any thing in life that I do well.. it is attract weird people.
Big giant zodiac clock. wannnttttt

Oh ok, so we went to Doge's Palace and another museum that didn't really float my boat called Museo Correr and THEN we started to aimlessly wander around Venice. It was gorgeoussssssssssss. I mean look! That's a seriously excited lady. It started to look much more picturesque at this point. 

Represent. (name of my dorm btdubz)

Herro gondola man. 

So whitee... Why sun?! Why must you do that?

This gondola man was creeping harder than I was. Out creeped. 

omg Tiramisu gelato.

Ok, so back to inside of the big ol' Catholic church. 


I'm so cool and artistic.

Oh just chilling on a dock when...

BOOM !Super creepers come a'creepin!Angelina and I cannot be left unattended or we end up getting all kind of stalked. These dudes weren't so bad actually. Just wanted pictures with really real Americans. 

hahah "Be sure to get my white hair!" He said that. Seriously. 


We walked down this. It was seriously named and on the map. 

We kind of ended up in a dead end. At least we were getting away from the tourist areas kinda..

This man kept yelling at people. I found it amusing. 

Exactly what I was thinking all day. Good thing someone put it on a wall for me. 

^^ Above you can see we are preparing to have a nice meal. Our waiter is already a'creepin at this point and he really wants to take a picture of us with my camera. He then pretends (maybe? ) to drop my camera. I have a heart attack.
I might of been dead for a bit. 
AND THEN he takes our drink orders and I say;
"I want a beer."
Waiter: "A big one?"
And I just want something that will last my whole meal and water is more expensive so I say,
"Yes. A big one." 
And he brings..

A freaking liter mug of beer. It was delicious. And expensive. I was so excited that I drank from it before I thought of how much it might cost. It actually didn't cost too much and it provided drink for anyone who wanted some. I felt like the beer master. Oh yeah. It was super comical . 

And this was the last real picture taken. 

The rest of the night we walked around town and sat outside by the canal. And then we went home, woke up - didn't know it was daylight savings time btw SO we had to rush around and catch a train..
which apparently there was a train conductors strike?
I'm serious. 
Like for real. 
So Angelina and I are hot messes trying to get back to our original bus stop. Miriam and Jess are staying for another night and then coming to Klagenfurt on Monday that is why they are spared the crazy running around. (Which gets me super pumped to chill with them soon!)

Angelina and I made it like super champs though. 

I'm way exhausted but I knew I needed to pump this out before I hit the hay.

ps. AGH! I forgot to mention the exquisite creature that was at the front desk of our hostel. HAHA. This super creepy old man (told you the creeps love me) was convinced my last name is Italian and proceeded to yell "Budalla, gondola, blah blah blah" in my face (while simultaneously wiggling his fingers in my face)  and I am pretty sure he put a curse on me. Like 100% sure that he put some weird curse on me.  And I being exceptionally full of social grace proceeded to wiggle my fingers in his face going "oooohhhh" like a ghost noise or something? It was actually really hilariously terrifying. If that makes sense.

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