Thursday, March 29, 2012

Everyone needs someone who is all ears.

It's hard to top a post about Italy right.
I have just been going to school (I am actually on Easter break starting today) and now I will be travelling a bit to Vienna and who knows where? I just want to sit around and maybe see the lake if it gets warm enough.

Uhm today I saw bun-buns.

There is an Easter market set up in the main plaza area thing of the town. Which is hard to explain to non-European people now that I think about it. But anyway, you get me right?
And then I ate extremely phallic food. Unintentionally. I just really like hot dogs and chocolate covered bananas. 

I will not even try to explain myself. 

Welp nothing much to dwell on except that there aren't any stories to share but there are a lot of hilarious pictures from the past couple of days. Also, Miriam and Jess rejoined us in good ol' Klag so I'm soaking up the lovely visit of Jess.

I'm about to dye my hair. 
And then read Victorian poetry. 
Surely you are interested now. 
Oh random thought! Today Angelina and I saw a man putting his pants on in public. Party hardy right.

Here are a few pics from the past couple of days;
Bffs; Miriam, Jess, Angelina, myself

My life right.
Oh Dazza, what would anyone do with out ya. 

And I will end it on a picture of me and the most lovely girl I know! 

ps. I hope you all got the title of this post.. it's a joke.. related to bunnies......... 

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