Friday, March 9, 2012


Today as I was walking to the university I passed a little boy who randomly yelled "ICH BIN SPIDERMANNN!!!" - I am Spiderman. It made my day.

My first week of school is over by the way. Minimal homework. Maximum going out with friends. I am completely exhausted. The other night I, for some unknown reason, managed to stay up until 7am. I watched the sun go down and then come back up. It's very strange because my entire trip just seems like one big vacation. FANTASTIC RIGHT. :)

Being a nerd in Lance's apartment before I left. 

1. I want blue in my hair.
2. I miss this apartment.
3. I think the Kony 2012 thing is important. It will probably be a semi-fad like Save Haiti but it is nonetheless important even if not dealt with.
4. I basically need kebaps to survive now.
5. I say I a lot because I'm pretty self-centered.
6. My Austrian Culture course is really interesting.
7. It's amazing how hard it is to even fathom using a photo copy machine in a foreign school.
8. I hate having recycling. Earth is awesome but I hate separating my trash. I'll do it for you mother earth. <3
9. Still want a dog.
10. Life is weird and it always will be.

The past couple of nights I have been going out with a semi-consistent group of kiddos who might just be the best gang in the world.

The group in all of our glory!
Shauna - Claire - Gemma. They just look too adorable to not be on here!

This is the American trifecta according to Angelina. I like this picture because it's hard to tell which arm is mine and which is hers. haha

Learning some sort of Irish jig perhaps.

Darren - Mishu - Angelina. All looking lovely as always.

I really am having such a wonderful time here in Klagenfurt. I cannot wait until the weather turns summery and I can laze around the lake in summer dresses - reading so much literature it will explode my brain. I have so much intense reading home work for my courses. I think I will read like ... I can think of ten books off of the top of my head (Frankenstein, Catcher in the Rye, The Great Gatsby, etc. etc. add a lot of British Literature from the horror genre). I really don't know exactly. I'm tired. It's 1am. I might be a vampire? I just really don't know any more. 

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