Sunday, March 4, 2012

Party hardy!

I'm officially getting to that point where I have more than one friend. IT IS AWESOME. I love people and going out and being social. It is really getting to me that I do not have a job though. Surely there is some way to work around the system and get a job illegally? Ha. I'm not even joking. I'll tutor children or cook meth. (I mean I am from Oklahoma; meth and cows 4 ever.)

The Dalai Lama, when asked what surprised him most about humanity, answered

I just want to inform everyone that I ate McDonald's today. I was so excited about it that I ate nothing else except for a cup of coffee prior. And by ate I mean drank. It was glorious indeed! Except that the fries suck. Period. They always do. NO SALT. I'm going to gain so much weight when I return to the US. Be prepared world - obese Morgan is in the near future. 

Uhm nothing to exciting.. I will list the 10 most important stuffs for ye.

1. I start my first day of the semester tomorrow.
2. I have zero school supplies and registered for not enough courses. Oops.  
3. It's cool because I'm foreign and I will weasel my way into more classes.
4. Lana Del Rey is my latest obsession. 
5. Do monkeys have different languages like people do. (Yes that is an important statement.)
6. I love Europe.
7. I keep getting cooler and I think eventually I will be too cool to return to America. (Refer back to when I used ye earlier which is what Irish people apparently say. I'm so worldly.)
8. I also might get my ass kicked for being so cocky all of the sudden.
9. In four days I will have been here 1 month. 
10. I refuse to ever work again actually. Marry into money baby!

That is all of the wisdom I have to bestow upon the masses today. Sorry if I wasted a little too much time talking about nonsense.

ps. You should probably watch this. Thanks Miriam.  Best Cry EVER

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