Thursday, February 16, 2012

The wonder of toilet paper!

I'm completely ecstatic because today I bought TOILET PAPER. It's Hello Kitty!! Are you seeing this? The toilet paper in Austria comes in a variety of colors but who doesn't want to clean up with Hello Kitty.

I also bought boots that seem much more appropriate for the weather. Still adjusting to the coldness and the food. Today Angelina and I walked to a McDonald's that isn't too far from our dorm. It was good but definitely different. I will eventually post pictures of it, it's fancy! :)

I don't have much to say about today except that the snow is becoming slushy and icky. I was very bored today and hope that tomorrow holds much more excitement. This weekend should be fairly interesting! I will be meeting two young ladies who are friends with Angelina from Oklahoma. They are also studying abroad in Austria at a different school. Oh! And last night was crazy. I went out with Angelina, Corina, and Corina's friend Mary. We had so much fun! We met nice people, mean people, weird people, and a lot of boys that were very interested in us for being American. It's very odd to think of myself as the foreigner. I wish that everyone could go visit a foreign country (in a non-touristy way, that doesn't count) because hopefully it would broaden everyone's minds .. establish a more global thought perhaps? It amazes me that my worldview was so narrow and that it is already broadening so much.

Did I mention the time difference is 7 hours? Maybe not 8? I really don't even know any more. Sorry my American babies!

Above: It was exceptionally beautiful out today.
Above: A tree outside of the balcony on our dormitory.

I hope all is well with everyone! I sure am missing a lot of important people in my life. It keeps hitting me that I won't be seeing any of my family or friends for many many months to come. Definitely no sad music can be played around me or I become insanely sappy. It would be fantastic if my boyfriend Lance could come visit after he graduates! Or my family decided to take a little trip to Austria! :) Just saying! I would probably be the best tour guide in the world given a couple of months.

Off to do my homework! Sorry for the scatterbrained/boring post. Gute nacht!

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