Monday, February 20, 2012

Moths could have daggers.

Welp, nothing interesting today at all. Studied German at McDonald's with Angelina because;

1. McDonald's is the only thing open on a Sunday in Klagenfurt for some reason.
2. The McDonald's are like way SUPER nice compared to American McDonald's.

I even got a fancy cup for some reason, a mug. I don't know if it was on accident.. or a promotional thing. But I like to assume it's because either I am just so beautiful that the man was stunned by my beauty and had to bestow some sort of gift upon me OR because I am a super cool American.

I'll let you decide.

Erhm.. if you guys have any questions PLEASE ASK. I would love to tell you anything. Also, if you have been to Europe; please bestow travelling ideas upon me. Or travel tips.

For your entertainment;!

^He's loud but he's funny and he has a big head. Doesn't get much better! I might be slightly obsessed with his videos.

You just gotta love ending things on a bunch of little owls!

It seems, according to a native Austrian, that everyone get's a mug. Bummer. I liked pretending I was really special and cool.

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