Monday, February 27, 2012

Ich verstehe nicht. (I don't understand.)

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I think "Ich verstehe nicht" is becoming my favorite phrase in German - "I don't understand." My intensive German course is taught in only German and I really do love the class despite being the worlds sorriest student. But I feel like I could be grasping it better.. I need to live with some Germans in good ol' Deutschland to force myself into the culture a little bit more. OH and my favorite word is Donnerstag which means Thursday. I don't even care about the day Thursday but I like the German word for it.

Have I mentioned that being here has not broadened my music interests whatsoever. They play American music everywhere, like "it's getting hot in here" or whatever that lame song is. BUT I recently have become obsessed with Gotye and Kimbra which are two artists that I would never have found without the help of certain people back home.

Last night was TACO NIGHT (with all of the wonderful sides you would expect) in Angelina's room. It was so fuhreaking good.Ch-ch-chhhhheckkkk it out!

This is Darren trying an alcoholic cherry candy, it was way too intense. 

Angelina and Corina cleaning up the taco stuff like true housewives. 

Miriam also enjoying the cherry alcoholic kick-you-in-the-face candy.

I wanted to reiterate how beautiful Slovenia is. As of right now Angelina and I are planning our Barcelona - Venice trip. We will be going through London and staying in hostels etc etc.

So Angelina and I were graced with the task of writing a little bit about the International Student trip to Ljubljana, Slovenia trip. We got it down to a pretty concise paragraph;

"The maiden voyage of the ESN Group Summer Semester 2012 was a day trip to Slovenia’s capital city, Ljubljana. We gladly traded in the snow and fog of Klagenfurt for sunshine by the Ljubljana canal. The day began with a guided city tour that took us through the heart of the capital where we saw postcard-worthy scenery and landmarks. During the tour we had a birds-eye view of the city from the fortress of a medieval castle and ventured into a magnificent Baroque-style Cathedral. The afternoon presented an opportunity to explore the city for ourselves; we were able to sample the local cuisine in a lively Slovenian atmosphere while getting to know other international students. Whether shopping, sipping a cappuccino on the canal, or attempting to capture the beauty of the city in photos, Ljubljana was a wonderful adventure. A great time was had by all and there are high hopes of another trip in the near future! 
The international team is making a great impact on the international students’ time at Alpen-Adria University and really broadening the horizons of each student. Slovenia is a very beautiful country (if you’re not convinced, take a peek at the approximately 1,000 photos on FaceBook) and we hope that you feel inspired to consider a day trip to Slovenia for yourself."

This will be posted in the school newspaper; I must have a copy. One of the heads of the international student team asked us to do it because we have rocking blogs. fly 4ever

I'm getting a hair cut tomorrow. Shaving it back down. Now I will have cool European hair. Whatever, my hair is already bomb. pfft

I really don't have a lot except for babbling and random thoughts. I had a pretty good time the other day thinking about what the world would be like if no one slept. I KNOW I KNOW everyone thinks about that right but I really just got stressed out thinking about this. My first thought was; Would we have to eat if we didn't sleep, because would we even need fuel except for oxygen? This stressed me out because I love food (obviously) and THEN what would we do with all of this free time? Would we over populate or would the life span of a human being drop drastically to compensate. But maybe your life would be extremely full and productive still because you didn't sleep the entire time you were alive.

I really like sleeping and dreaming. Thank God for sleep.

Random picture I found and am using on my Facebook currently. Thought I would share - not to mention I have a big jelly fish tattoo so REPRESENT. 

OH MY GAWD. Did I not mention how my power went out? I may have accidentally tripped the breaker by trying to use my American hair dryer.. IT TOTALLY BLEW UP. It was pretty bad ass until I realized every single plug and light in my room didn't work consequently. So I may have had a "this is the worst day of my life" melt down and sent my boyfriend a thousand messages about how we were never going to speak again once my computer died and to tell my family I love them because I was most likely going to die -MY SINK DIDN'T EVEN WORK BECAUSE IT IS AUTOMATIC- it was really an epic pity party. Come to find out my stove light worked and that a hidden life saving plug did too. I rigged up my computer and internet to stretch around the room and reach and hooked all of my devices to my computer. It was beautiful and I'm basically a beautiful genius. I eventually found my dorm manager a day later and he hooked a girl up. 

OH MY GAWD! Did I not mention that .. I honestly had a great story and I forgot.

Another time!

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