Saturday, February 18, 2012

My bed is killing me!

I actually came here to join the circus. Good thing I'm so enthusiastic right, ACTUALLY this is a picture of myself with some people dressed up for Fasching (aka Karneval aka Mardi Gras).

 Killing time while waiting for the bus. (Katie, Madeline, and myself.)

Here is a video you should enjoy before you even consider reading this;

And you should watch all of their videos. Just saying. 

Today was wonderful! Angelina had a fantastic idea to go on a tour of the city of Klagenfurt (which I now know means "ford where the lamenting female ghosts hang out." (Don't quote me on that.) Because they had to sacrifice virgins to some dragon? Pretty cool and unclear to me at this moment. I will go on the tour once again to learn the information better. I like to just pretend it's about spooky dead virgins. That's entertaining!

You should just come visit and ch-ch-check it out yourself.

This is a man holding a club to kill the dragon (Lindwurm) that was apparently harassing the poor people of Klagenfurt. All of  you American's reading this; I DEMAND that you say Klagenfurt out loud! Just do it. And the Lindwurm is in the first pic.
The tour was great! Katie and Madeline went back to Graz afterward. Thus leaving Angelina and I to go have coffee with some other international students and semi-discuss out trip to Slovenia next weekend.

I still don't have a phone. Morgan Butala doesn't have a phone and I think this is what death is like? Just some weird isolation. No wonder I'm on Facebook so much, which doesn't matter because my world is now the opposite of Americans.

Inside of a cathedral we visited on the tour. 
Very beautiful and intricate; I MUST SEE MORE.

A nifty fountain with creep-o faces; the lions are a big symbol in Klagenfurt because of what they represent (strength y'know). 

I really do enjoy this city. I had only slept a few hours the night before due to various reasons, but I managed to stay awake all day and have fun. Surely tomorrow will be adventurous and exciting too. It's always a bright sun shiney day in the life of Morgan! If someone ever accused me of saying "THIS IS THE WORST DAY OF MY LIFE" I would be shocked because I definitely didn't say that daily when I was a child if anything displeased me.

That last bit is for my mother and Mimi and family in general. Missing you all!

ps. I'm considering getting a dog, or a parrot. Or maybe a chameleon? Don't judge me. This room is lonely. Ang suggested a fish. But that would be practical right!

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  1. fyi chameleons are hard to keep alive. might be sad.