Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Another day, another snake in my boot.

Today was a 9am-12:30 day for class so Angelina and I went to the mall in town and bought a few things. I couldn't find the boots I wanted that were there a few days ago. That concludes my complaining portion of the blog.

<<< Angelina made me this. Repping the big Oklahoma! Danke Angelina!

Above: Myself in front of my University's sign.
Left: Rocks covered in snow, don't ask.. just appreciate!

                                                           Above: University flags.

                 Above: These 4 pictures are of the surrounding buildings at the bus stop we were at. I believe the plaza that was around us is called the "Holy Ghost Plaza." Don't quote me on that, I could be blaspheming.

Today has been fair and homework/napping have to be accomplished. But I will be going out with Angelina and Corina later tonight. I swear I will take more pictures and try to look my best! It's really hard to look cool when you have ten layers on.

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  1. You look beautiful, no matter how many layers you wear! I can't wait to see Austria in the spring time.