Saturday, February 18, 2012


Society was built from literally nothing, there was no predetermined set way of how society had to be run... so why not work naps into the mix? I mean these Austrians really have a nice idea with all of their relaxed coffee shops. Why don't we ALL just take a breather at some point to just enjoy a peaceful moment in the day! Maybe not for coffee but for a nap. 

I'm technically posting this on Saturday but it is my Friday update! The week ended well. The German teacher, Anna, was gone so we had another lady who was insanely and unfathomably dull. Oh! We also had a teacher who came in to help us with pronunciation and he was FANTASTIC! He's the kind of man who was just wonderful, so entertaining. The rest of the day consisted of going around to shop, meeting the two other American girls (Katie and Madeline). They took a bus from where they are studying abroad, which is Graz, and it was about a two hour ride. Angelina, Katie, Madeline, and myself went out and insanity ensued. We had quite the unpredictable night. Do you ever have those times when nothing goes as planned? Well this is how I felt about this night but it was still enjoyable. Every moment in life has to be worth something, it's inevitable that no matter how 'good' the night was we still had an experience to lock away in our memories. 

I did not take any pictures today! But tomorrow should be full of a lot of pictures. We (the ladies mentioned before hand and myself) are going on some sort of tour tomorrow. It should be a blasty blast or two. Also, Angelina and I may be going to Slovenia next weekend! I am extremely excited to start getting out and about Europe. 
Anyway, it's almost 3am here. I'm getting too old for this!

I hope the cats made up for the lack of real pictures. 

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