Saturday, February 25, 2012

Slovenia, coolest place around!

 Today I took a trip to Slovenia which if you don't know where that is;

It is right below where I am living in Austria. We drove through mountains, on a bus (in the rain at one point) and I cannot describe how steep it was. I was sure that death was upon us all. Quite a few of us went. We did a guided tour (around Ljubljana which is the capital (good luck saying that one)) and then were free to roam. I think I will just post the pictures and caption them because I think I took upwards of two hundred pictures the place was hella grogeous. The sun was out, the people, the protesters, the bums, the dogs, the birds. I'm in love with the place and I seriously knew nothing about it 24 hours ago.
After being inside of a castle.

Super nerds. 


Inside of a beautifullllll cathedral. 

gimme gimme gimme

Walking around Ljubljana.

Hello Ljubljana.

Tour time.

First stop; castle fo'real.

Crank dat penny pressy.

Just hanging out on top of  castle. The usual. 

Da castle inside, part thingy.

Aye Jennnnn! Looking out over the city.

Our view of the city. 

I'm really tired and I will probably elaborate on some of the funny things that happened and weird things tomorrow. But I thought I would put these up while I'm waiting to Skype with my mom.
Whom I love.
Time to make spaghetti! I'm going to get so fat.

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